We used to run 6.5.1, and I upgraded to 7.0 a week ago to try to fix a
network card issue (which it did), then I upgraded today to 7.0.1 to fix
a segmentation fault on $Secure (which it did). Now, on that same
image, it instead fails about 85-90% of the way through with another
segmentation fault. The file shown on the img screen is 'WINDOWS\WinSxS
\x86_System.En..nterpriseServices.Wrapper.dll'. The screen sits on that
file for about 10-15 minutes and then shows the segfault. I have been
told that with 6.5.1 there was also a pause at about that point for
quite a while, but then it would continue on and be fine. This image
was created with ZfD 6.5.1.

I am wondering how we can work on getting a clean image down. Do we
need to re-create the image with ZfD 7? Is there something I can check
to determine the problem? The person that creates the image says he
already cleans out Temporary Internet Files, so I don't think that is
the cause. Any suggestions? I'd like to get this working soon.