Running ZfD 7 w/SP1. Clean install (no upgrade from 6.5).

When using 7.0 and bringing down a base image, the imaging engine progress
bar would incorrectly report the imaging status % complete. Speed wise it
was fine, it was just a cosmetic issue (25% was = 100%). All add-ons would =
100% at the 50%.

We applied SP1 today (imaging engine 7.0.1.a). Now approx. 10% is = 100%
with our base images (add-ons, no change). I should mention that the bar
does 'jump' to 100% at the end of each base/add-on. For example it gets to
~10% and then jumps to 100% prior to bringing down the next image.

Has anyone else experienced this or can provide insight on how we might
resolve this. I realize it is cosmetic but when you're imaging a lab and
local people (e.g. students) think it is going to take 4+ hours ... once you
start fending off the phone calls, it turns into a problem :)

Any help or comments are appreciated. Hopefully I'm being clear!


Jeff Smith
University of New Brunswick