Hi all

I have a basic configuration (by the book) of Zen7 in a fully Windows
2003/XP environment and am just looking at imaging workstations.

PXE is working fine, I can initiate an image make/restore from the imaging
engine on a workstation which writes/reads to a share called 'Images' on my
imaging server RHS2.

However if I try to initiate an imaging operation from within Console One
(such as a reimage on next boot or a multicast session) i get errors in the
log suc as 'Server could not open multicast image file' and 'Unable to find
an image to download' as well as a lot of 'Undefined error message' s

I have browsed to the server name for these operation definitions and
workstation image definitions within consoleone, and for the file path name
I have been entering sharename/testfilename.zmg (which exists, generated
from a manual PXE session)