Created image of Dell latitude D810. Used image restore command: "img
restorep <proxy IP add> <UNCpath> a2:p2" and got message about restore
successful. However, after rebooting, the laptop has message about
unable to load operating system. Using img dump on the laptop, I
see /dev/sdb2 *NTSF (Windows XP) but using Partition Magic, I see that
the partition shows as unformatted. According to the Zenworks 7 Suite
Administrator's Handbook, it says that using this command enables you to
specify that the partitions on the disk should not be destroyed (p. 642).

I've done restores of other Dells but this is the first time I have
experienced this. Any suggestions? I tried deleting the partition and
then adding back the partition in the ZENworks imaging engine and then
doing a restore by assigning the partition and that seems to work but it
seems I shouldn't have to do this?