OK running 1.3.6e console one with zen7 snapins. NW6.5 Zen7. On the
workstation object i select put image on next boot. I choose a valid
image object. Now when I boot the pc linked to the workstation object it
doent enter into pxe automaticly. Even after two or three boots. Have
also tried loging in between restarts. HOWEVER if I manually hold ctrl
alt and go in it finds the job. Ive seen other postings of simular issues
but no solutions. This was working using zen6.5 (pre upgrade).

The twist ofcourse is that a couple of workstations do work. say 3 of of
10. all have the same hardware and have been imported using the same
server, contained in the same OU, same switch and run the same policies.

Anyone got any ideas?