We use a boot cd to connect to our imaging server. When we first started
using the ZEN 7 boot disk we noticed occasionally about half the time
when we went in to remove all partitions and create new partitions things
did not work out. It would let you delete everything, then it
successfully created a new partition and let you activate it. We'd then
deploy our image without any issues until reboot. Upon reboot we'd get a
no bootable partition error. Just a black screen with a flashing cursor.
Even if we used a utility like Partition magic to remove all partitions
and create\activate new ones, then remiage the system we'd end up with
the same boot errors. The only way to get the drive operational again was
to low level format it with a utility like Boot and Nuke. I am assuming
something in the MBR was not correct. Well to get around this we just
went back to creating images with the 6.5 boot disk and imaging with the
6.5 disk. I talked to some people at Netware and they said this problem
would be fixed with the release of Zen 7 SP1. We just installed SP1 last
week and are still getting the same errors using the new boot ISO. Anyone
seeing these problems?