We have just started to use PXE booting within ZENworks 7. When we image
a machine which has been booted via PXE boot the machine images fine but
when we go back into Windows, the new image is in place but when you look
at the hard drive it has old files from the previous image that was on the
machine. It is like it has overwriten the old hard drive content rather
than imaging new. How it works is amazing!

We still manually image even though we PXE boot - i.e we run img pd1 to
delete the partition, img pc1 ntfs to recreate, img pa1 to activate and
then img rp <image> a1:p1 to bring down the image.

When we image the PC as above but with the old ZEN 6.5 floppy disks the
image works fine and clears the hard drive as it should.

We are using basic ZEN 7 and I will try putting on SP1 this evening though
looking at the forums there are still issues with SP1.

Anyone had a similar issue?