I have several new e2500 machines from Gateway some order in late June others in July-same model and quote and basically same chipset. I updated my Zen 7 environment to SP1(running on NW65SP5). The "older" e2500 models will image off PXE without any problem( either maintenance or auto). The "newer" e2500 images will boot to maintenance mode(although the display is extremely distorted) and will attempt to download the files from the tftp server until it get to about 51% on the boot/initrd file where it just hangs. I am able to use the boot cd and get it to image. I looked at the ZImgLog.xml file and all I get is below:

<ErrorMessage>Undefined error message</ErrorMessage>
<Timestamp>Tue Aug 1 16:33:40 2006</Timestamp>

One difference I do notice is the between the Yukon Boot PXE versions. 3.03 vs