We have a problem with ZISWIN renaming our workstations after a reimage.
Let's say the workstation was called 4219-B69V5B1 (Room number-Dell
service tag). Now, let's say that the workstation is being moved to a
new location and for a new user. Typically we'd reimage it (sysprep
image), provide the NEW workstation name in the minisetup (say
4195-B69V5B1), and everything would be hunky dory.

The problem is, on the first reboot after the mini-setup, ZISWIN runs
and renames the PC to the 4219-B69V5B1 name, then reboots the PC.
We've tried deleting the Workstation object from NDS prior to
re-imaging. After the PC is renamed to the original name, the only way
to give it a new name that sticks is to then 1. delete the subsequent
workstation object (which was recreated with the original name), 2.
sysprep the PC, 3. rename the workstation in minisetup. After that the
name is fine.

So, why is ZISWIN renaming the PC? Is there something I missed in the
image creation? I create the image right after the master is
sysprepped and shut down. I could understand if the newly-imaged PC
were getting the name of the original master, but how in the world is
it pulling up its own old name after reimage? I'm a total N00b when it
comes to Zen Imaging, I'm used to using Ghost.