Good morning folks,

I've seen the information in the Zen upgrade readme which says that the image safe data will be wiped the next time that the machine is imaged if ziswin.exe is not updated in the image - either injected into or used as an add-on image - this is fine, we were planning on updating all of the images anyway. I think what is happening below is something else.

After we've upgraded from zenworks 6.5 the imaging partitions have started to automatically update themselves on first boot up, this downloads and updates fine but appears to wipe the image safe data and set the machine back up for DHCP.

Under normal circumstances, this would be fine - but we are a school with 500+ machines on the Novell network and each one has a specific static ip address according to the room that the machine is in and the order that the workstation is in the room.

If this is a design "feature" is there any easy way to re-input all of the image safe data without having to go around each machine with a zen boot cd?

Many thanks

Matt Charlton