I've seen TID 3346338 about IBM T60 laptop
I've tried zdm7 sp1 on netware, and I still get the issue
Only way I found to make it work is to disable acpi, with the boot disk.
I've tried putting acpi=off in the z_maint.cfg file (for pxe), but when I do
so, zenworks imaging kernel boot prompting to install suse ?!! (like the
suse boot cd...)

i've tried the bootcd.iso (also of zen7sp1) but I can't make it boot on the
laptop !?
It can boot under vmware, but not on the IBM T60 ....
I use Nero7, with a multisession to put my settings.txt file
i'm I missing something here .. ?

btw, TID 3004541 refers me to wrong info about the z_maint.cfg file under
zenworks 6.5sp2
it sais to make changes on the file, like PPEND initrd=boot/initrd vga=0x314
acpi=off in.... but the file format is completly different..............