A customer wishes to use Zen Patch Mgmt (ZPM). However they also wish to
have an imaging solution using ZDM imaging with the following criteria:

- before patching, an image must be taken
- the patching process must be able to determine the status of the last
image (success or failure, or other attributes). So that, if the last
image was not successful, or e.g. older than a certain date, the Patch
process will not continue.

We can get the development kit for ZPM and we'll be able to apply some
customisations to the ZPM environment accordingly.

However, I wonder how I can determine what the status of the last ZDM
image process was? I am just guessing that maybe the ZIS area can be
queried for image status info? And I'd like to be able to do this via
script, batch file or some other programmatic method.

Thanks for any advice!