I hade a NETWARE6.5SP5 server running ZDM7 imaging, and I'm getting
occasional issuses when multicasting images (mauanl multicasteing from
images on the server). For 1, 4 or 8 clients the multicast works fine,
however for session with 12 or 16 clients I'll get 1 or 2 that come up
with a chkdsk screen that appears to be going through files verifing
indexes and/or checking something to do with security (this went by too
fast), then the system reeboots. Upon logging onto the affected systems I
get misc OS related problems (mouse drivers, duplicate icons, cannot pull
up taskbar). But again this only seems to happen to 1 or 2 systems at a
time in a multicast session out of 12 or 16 clients, the other clients
work fine. We've tried this with a Vertical Horizon Enterasys switch and
a 3COM switch. Any ideas?

Are there any imaging updates for ZEN 7 in ZEN7SP1?