When imaging a pc with the CDboot the linux loads fine and everything works
well. But when I use the PXE boot after the files are transferred and the
screen goes blank before the Suse screen appear the PC will either lockup or
start beeping with purple slashs scrolling on the screen. I checked the
file versions and they are the same (initrd, linux, root, same uname -all )
and even copied the one from the CD, with the same results. I have added
acpi=off command to the CMD scripts.

The only change that seems to help is changing the SATA hard drive
configuration in BIOS from enhanced to legacy. This is an option I would
preffer not to do as there is almost a 1000 PCs to touch.

What am I missing as to the way the CDboot and PXE detect and load hardware?
What is the next step to resolve