I have created a script base on some example scripts found in cool
solutions - and they do what they are supposed to BUT...

I want to know the best way to run them.

What I want to achieve is:

For existing machines:
- wake them up using WOL
- have a job waiting for them to automatic back them up and then,'
- dump down a new SOE onto them
- reboot
- windows starts building (from sysprep image)

For new machines:
- detect no WSNAME and prompt
- update ZISEDIT
- Dump down Base SOE
- reboot
- windows starts building (from sysprep image)

Now.. my problem is that when I went to create a workstation scripted
image, it didnt seem to work. i.e. the workstation boots, picks up a job
from the Server Policy Package, (as I have the rule set if RAM > 1 - test
lab), pxeboots, then it doesnt run my script. It runs IMG Auto I suspect
and then bombs out.

Now, the way I have overcome this is by modding the tftp\boot\root file
and settings.txt so that it runs the custom script from the \bin folder
The problem with this, is once the image is dumped down etc and the
machine reboots, it goes back and picks up work. As the Server Policy
package says there's work if RAM > 1..

Any ideas or suggestions?