At the risk of sounding ridiculously redundant with this question, Is there
a location with direction to create a fresh boot kernel for use with Zen PXE
boot and CD boot?

I have the need to incorporate the driver for a Silicon Image 3112a SATA
controller that is not currently supported with the ZEN 7 boot CD.

I have tried to add the appropriate .ko files to the boot CD and to the
initrd file for PXE (trying to use all avenues to get this working) It
appears the driver for the storage controller tries to load, but that there
are "unrecognized symbols" and if I look at the third console screen
(ALT+F3) the last item logged is "starting setctsid 'showconsole'
/bin/bash -c zenworks.s"

The PC I am working with is configured:

Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (Bios version 1013)

AMD Athlon XP 300+

1GB memory


My current line of thinking is that I should rebuild the kernel in order to
support this PC, I am just not sure of all the required bits and pieces to
add in.


Pete Demers