Had no reply from my last post so I'll try again with a little more explanation and see if theres anyone that can help.

We have over 500 machines at the School where I work, we use Static IP addresses which allow us to quickly figure out which room and which station a certain machine is in instantly - ie - is B23 station 1. We were running ZFD6.5 but have just upgraded to 7.

The newer machines that we have been putting in have been using the SuSE based imaging partition and so are fine, the older machines are using the old style imaging partition and are therefore upgraded on first boot. The problem is that the settings from the imaging partition - workstation ip/subnet/broadcast and proxy settings are all being lost and it is being reverted to DHCP.

We do not have a DHCP server set up on the network because of the reasons listed above. I copied the new ziswin.exe across to one of the affected machines and the image safe data is still all there and intact.

What I want to know is - once the workstations have been turned on, is there any way to restore the imaging partition settings without having to insert the bootcd and configure the settings manually? (Being in a school over half of the CD-Rom drives have been disabled due to vandalism).

The machines that haven't yet been turned on since the upgrade - is there a way to stop them from updating or is there a way to make them update but with the settings for the partition intact?

Hope someone can help.