There is a weird problem with imaging in general, where the image does not
automatically attempt to use all available disk space on a target computer.

If the source machine has a 10 gig hard drive, and the target has a 40 gig
drive, ZEN imaging will create only a 10 gig partition on the target drive.

It doesn't matter if I make an image of the 10 gig and then push it to the
target, or if I do a direct multicast between them. The target drive only
gets a 10 gig partition, with the remaning 30 gig unassigned and unusable.

However, ZEN imaging is smart enough to at least auto-downsize a partition.
Imaging from a 40 gig onto a 10 gig drive works just fine without any

I know that if I do things entirely manually with images, I can coax ZEN
imaging into using the entire drive of the target if it is smaller than the
img pd1
img pc1 ntfs
img pa1
img rp ///vol1/image.zmg a1:p1

But there is no apparant way to tell ZEN imaging to just do that
automatically via a simple commandline switch like this:

img -maxsize rp img rp ///vol1/imaging/z7/hslab.zmg

And I can't find any way to make multicasting either automatically use the
full drive, or don't format and just use a manually-created partition that I
made which uses the full drive.

Can it be done?