We have updated a location server from ZfD 4.01 IR6 to Zfd 7 SP1
Automated imaging always worked fine.
Network, Server and Workstation are same, only ZfD is upgraded.

With Ctrl-Alt keys i can go to the maintenance mode of Zen Imaging.

But automated imaging stopped working.

- SERVER-ZIS object exists
- Server package imaging rule doesn't work
- Workstation package imaging rules doesn't work
- Put an image on this workstation on next boot + Use this image
instead of .......doesn't work

The problem does not have anything todo with rules i believe.

When PXE Starts the workstation gets an IP-Address and BOOT SERVER IP:

Then i get the error:
ERROR: The server did not respond as requested in time
Zenworks shutting down...

I have started ZENPXE -debug and IMGSERV -debug
No logs in ZIMGDBG.LOG and DTS.LOG