HP repaired one our NC6400 laptops. They replaced Hitachi TravelStar (Model HTS541080G9SA00) 80Gb hard drive with another with the same basic label,but with an additional sticker with a date code of 7J0664.

The original drive takes Zen image via PXE just fine producing a partition of about 75GB. The replacement drive, same image, same process produces a 70 Gb drive c: and a 5.8 Gb drive D: pushing the DVD drive to drive e: So much for standard machines.

If use some of the menus from IMG at the bash # prompt I find that both machines report the same size, sectors, etc.

However, if I delete the partition in slot with the IMG tools and recreate with the IMG tools, I get the two different partition sizes.

Obviously something is different about the two hard drives, but why does the partitioning tool not find all the disk space. Are there any settings within Zen I can use to fix this.


Herbert E. Smith
Hanover Insurance Group