Hello all...

I'm having an issue with Zen 7 imaging particularly when I'm imaging IBM
thinkcentre desktops. What is happening is:

1. I can successfully take an image and send it up to my image server.
2. I successfully (or seemingly) pull down the image to another desktop
(IBM Thinkcentre)
3. When I reboot, I either get a blinking cursor in the top left, or an
error message stating No Signature File Found.
4. A workaround for my issue is to boot the machines from a floppy after
the image is pushed down, and use fdisk /mbr. This will then allow the
machines to boot into Windows and continue configuration. This is an ok
workaround, but we'd prefer not to have to go to 100-some machines after
imaging just to run an fdisk /mbr

I found a document that explained that the image process needs to capture
the Master Boot Record. The only problem is, I don't know how to check to
see if this is done or how to modify it.

Has anyone run across this? Any ideas?

Thanks all.

Rich S.