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We try to understand some issues we have with Zenwork for desktop v7.0 SP1
in microsoft environment.

We have a lab with 20 PCs connect to the same switch and ZIS server is on
another subnet and lan . Here is the pattern:

The ZIS service is running on the same server then the ghostcast server
(symantec ghost product). The image size is around 2 Gb. If you do the
transfer with Ghost in unicast mode with got around 7-9 mins. All our test
has been done several time during the day always with the same PCs. If we
do the same transfer with ZIS in Unicast with got around 12-15 minutes.
That's fairly correct for my customer.

If we do the same test we GhostCast with 20 pcs in Multicast, that take
around 10-12 mins. If you use ZIS with the same server, PCs and network.
the best time we got was around 50 to 60 minutes.. a huge difference.

Because we use the same server and the same network we assume that's not a
network vs multicast config.. Because we use the same PCs we assume that's
not an PC hardware issues.. Swith or mistconfigure router because the
multicast working fine with ghostcast product.

So may be some tuning on the ZIS service or something on the PC driver side
? we use Network PXE to connect our PCs.

Do you have any idea where I should look ? We add some config to active the
DMA on the PC but that's as no effect on the transfer time. We also checked
the speed of the connection and everything was 100full.

For now the customer prefer to use the Ghost product but they push hard to
make ZIS working.

So any idea will be great.