This has been an issue for quite a while already.

When constantly dealing with the latest client hardware a current Linux
Kernel is very important. Is there a chance that Novell will provide
current /tftp/boot/initrd, linux and root for public download?

I think there has been a TID on how to bring the imaging engine to newer
Linux Kernels, however it is VERY complicated.

ZENworks 7 SP1 is Linux 2.6.5.
The current kernel however is 2.6.18 (!). Especially support for chipsets
is a problem with 2.6.5, ICH7 was added in 2.6.12, ICH8 in 2.6.17. Both
are widely used in current PCs.

I mean it's ok if we would have to wait a month or two each time a new
major kernel version is released, but I think 2.6.5 is way to old to cope
with current PCs.