I have a bootable thumb drive that will boot up pxe imaging, but it will
not ever read my settings.txt file. It always stops and says it can not
find the settings.txt file, and then asks for me to input the ip address
of my imaging server. Once I put this in, it will finish booting. I
know that this gets called in the zenworks.s script file in the initrd.
Is there anyway I can hard code this into the script file, so it will
stop saying it can't find the file and ask for input?

Another question I have is I can boot all the way up with my usb
thumbdrive, but I can not restore an image from it, for I get an error,
System Error:2. Anyone seen this?

Just for reference, for those of you who have dell d610 and d620 laptops,
they do have sata drives in them, so you need to make sure when creating
a bootable thumbdrive, you create a boot menu, so you can then add the
appropriate code in it, so it correct driver. If you have it load ide,
it will give you a red screen.