I've been working with getting a usb thumb drive to boot with the zen 7
boot files, and once booted up, I'm wanting to restore an image that I
split from the usb device. What is happening is it will get all the way
through installing the 1st image and at the end will come up with a
Segmentation Fault error. I'm unable to install the 2nd half of the
image, for it will give me a System 2: Error. Has anyone seen this? The
reason for wanting to be able to restore an image from usb, is for
business recovery purposes, meaning that if for some reason our image
server goes down, I can still restore from a local file. I'm having the
same issue doing this from a DVD.

I've successfully restored from DVD if I don't split the image. As for
trying to restore an image from usb that isn't split, I get the System 2:
Error, for I believe that the imaging engine does not like images greater
than 2gb since I've formatted my usb device as Fat32.

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.