I'm running ZfD 7.0 SP1 and having machines go into a loop when imaging.
It is different from the TIDs that have been mentioned before and I
can't figure out why this is happening.

I can go into the workstation object and click on the take image on next
boot checkbox and fill in all of the information about where to store
the image. Then, I reboot the computer. It boots up and takes the
image. After it is done, it reboots, sees there's work to do and boots
into Linux again to take the image. The difference here compared to the
TIDs is it actually takes the image again. Unless I manually uncheck
the box it will keep taking images forever. Of course I could change
the server policy to not allow overwriting images and it will keep
booting up into linux and giving an error that it couldn't replace the

This is ZfD 7 SP1 using PXE. I have seen it happen on Dell Optiplex
SX260 and SX280 machines so far.

Does anyone have any ideas? I can't find anything on support.novell.com
about it.

Sean Eckton