I want to create a DVD that has my image on it so that non networked PC's
can be imaged.

I followed some of the TID's out there and modified the bootcd.iso and add
my settings.txt which has only the following 2 settings and is in the root
of the CD along with my image file:
export IMGCMD="/bin/script.s"
export NONETWORK="1"

My script.s file consists of:
img rl /mnt/cdrom/myimage.zmg
umount /mnt/cdrom

When I boot in Manual mode and run the script.s it works perfectly. When
I boot in Automatic mode it can't find the file - it looks like it is
trying to find a ZEN partition rather then use the CDROM for the image.
Any ideas how to tell it to use the image from the cd?