After having a lot of issues with ZfD 6.5 we decided to try upgrading to ZfD 7 SP1 in hopes of these issues going away. So far, no luck.

One of the issues we've had is slow and unreliable imaging. Whether it's multicasting, unicasting, booting via PXE, or booting via the boodcd, we've had nothing but trouble. Our latest issue is trying to image up to the server from a workstation. Using PXE, the image starts just fine and works like a charm when all of a sudden it just freezes and restarts only to start the process over again, and unfortunately, with the same result. Here is a snippet from the ZIMGDBG.LOG:

Wed Oct 04 09:56:31 2006 -- [RIP2] RWCC failure 6, -1201, VOL1:ZENworks\zenimages\dx2000_base.ZMG
Wed Oct 04 09:56:31 2006 -- [STIF] done, VOL1:ZENworks\zenimages\dx2000_base.ZMG, -1201
Wed Oct 04 09:56:31 2006 -- [HC] done, PROXY_CMD_STORE_IMAGE
Wed Oct 04 09:56:31 2006 -- [SCEM] OOB error message, -1201
Wed Oct 04 09:56:31 2006 -- [ECC] close connection,
Wed Oct 04 09:56:35 2006 -- [ECC] CS

With no resources available to decipher any error messages in this log, I'm stuck up a creek without a paddle.

We are running ZfD 7 SP1 on a NW 6.5 SP4 server that is on the same segment as the workstation I'm trying to take an image of.

Anybody have any ideas?