Sorry for the empty posting.

We have to use rather old compaq deskpros at our school and the only
solution for imaging seems to be PXE booting.

We have installed Netware 6.5SP5 and Zfd7. When I try to boot the
workstation over PXE, the ws hangs a short time after loading boot/initrd,
but I can't read the last messages because they are changing very quick and
it finishes with an empty screen.

I tried to copy back the sys:tftp directory from Zfd 4.01 we used before.
PXE booting is without any problem, but then the workstations says 'You
have to use a newer software' or similar.

Has anyone any solution/idea for us? For instance, is it possible to
install and use Zfd 4.0.1 at anotherone of our Netware Servers for these


D.I. Erhard Gruber