Trying to extend the useful life of our WinXP Pro / WinXP Tablet 2005
standard corporate image to work on these new Gateway convertible
notebook/tablet M285E tablets, and really struggling getting it working.

The tablets use the "Intel(R082801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile
ICH7M)" sata controller, and try as I might, they always Blue Screens
0x07b on restart.

The earlier discussion on the Gateway M465 about pushing registry
entries and drivers down to the box as an add-on image seems
tantalizingly close to helping, but I've burned days now trying, and I
just can't get it working properly.

Even when I use Gateway's system restore cd on the box, (which appears
to me to be a SysPrep'd or RIS-based install), I can't get it to come
back up without the BSOD 0x07b after I sysprep it and PXE it up to the
server as an image file. I would have thought that image would work
since the unit should have all the needed drivers - after all, it's
working when I sysprep it!.

Is there any straightforward way to update my master image or create an
add-on as new hardware shows up without having to rebuild it every time?

Mark L
Medical Associates Consultant

networkpro - at

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