Zenworks 7 with SP1 on a Netware 6.5 SP4 server and we are having a heck of a time imaging our HP DX2000 workstations via multicast.

At first, we were unable to image up to the server or pull one down (the image would error out everytime). Once we added the e100.ko driver found at http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmo...ect/?zfdimgdrv we were able to unicast an image up and down. Sweet.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get multicasting to work nearly as well. With the new e100.ko driver, trying to multicast to four machines only 2 or 3 of the workstations would even join the session and if they did finish, it wouldn't be before 2 hours. At first we thought it might be our network but when we plunked four HP Vectra VL420 workstations on the network and tried to multicast them they all finished in 18 minutes flat.

Oddly enough, both workstations have iterations of the Intel Pro 100 VE onboard NICs and we figure the issue lies somewhere in there but I thought I'd post this just in case somebody out there with HP DX2000 microtowers is having more success than us.