I hope I've got the right forum!

We are currently running NW 6.5 SP5 and ZfD 7. Our Workstations are all
Windows XP SP2. We have recently started using ENGL imaging and are running
at v4 ir1.

Our problem is that ZISD is not getting written to on a very small
proportion of PCs. Some are new PCs, some are older PCs with new drives, but
some PCs with the problem already existed in the tree. The problem PCs will
take an image, but because they are not picking up their name our
post-imaging process is going awry.

The problem occurs on both SATA and IDE drives, but let me re-iterate that
it is only on a small number of PCs that we have this problem.

I have tried using zisedit (both the GUI and command line) to write
information to ZISD, but nothing happens. When using the ENGL process if I
look at the log file that is produced it tells me that ZISD cannot be

My understanding is that the Image Safe Data is written when installing the
ZENworks Linux partition on the workstation. Does anyone know what might
prevent that from happening in a small number of cases, and rather more
significantly what we can do to fix it?

Colette Monaghan
University of Hertfordshire