I have a group of 24 machines that now all the the same problem after
imaging, and I have tried several times over, all with the same
results, including one time with just one system.

The imaging appears to work as it should. After the image is sent,
the system is rebooted, and Windows XP starts as it should. After a
bit, the background appears and the "ZenWorks Imaging Windows Agent"
appears on the top left corner of the screen. Withing a minute, the
NW Client 32 screen appears, and the machine is left alone. Then the
Agent disappears off the screen, and soon after the system reboots.
When the system starts up again, the Windows XP graphical starting up
screen appears for a few seconds, and then I get the drive error with
chkdsk now checking the drive for problems. At this point I get a
screen full of errors with corrupt attribute records, file name
errors, recovering orphaned files, fixing and deleting whatever. And
after that the system fails to operate properly, usually by crashing
after chkdsk finishes.

I've check the origional system's drive for errors, none found. Also
checked it with a different antivirus software, just in case. Windows
Internet Explorer cache is clean, no goofy super long file names
there. All seems ok on the master.

Any ideas?

Running Zen 7 SP1 on Win XPPro with all current SP/Patches
Generic clone with Intel system board, video, controller, etc.
Systems are about two years old, and we working fine until I did this,
now their dead. This is the first time they have been imaged using