I have been testing ZEN 7 Imaging. I set up a Netware 6.6 Server
with DNS/DHCP with the appropriate option 60 in DHCP. I create a PXE
boot disk ok with the correct NIC driver. The PC botos and finds the
DHCP and PDHCP server. I have imaged the PC with a policy from eDir (Next
Boot) and manually with the menu dropped to the PC after the PXE boots.
However, the "boot/Linux" and intrd files take over 4 hoyrs to load on the
PC! The image only takes 55mins to complete(tghis is quite ok with me for
~6Gb of data in my test bed). I have tried different switches(small non-
manageble switches), but i get the same lengthy time. I cannot seem to
find much help in the knowlegebase for this issue, has anybody got any