I just received new HP Compaq dc5700 PCs.
ZEN7SP1 out of the box cannot find a suitable NIC driver.
Managed to compile and add latest drivers for both Broadcom and Intel
adapters. NIC driver loads, works fine.
ZEN7SP1 out of the box is Linux 2.6.5 which doesn't know anything about
ICH8 which leads to PIO transfer mode. hdparm -d1 /dev/hda doesn't work.

When will Novell finally release a current Imaging Engine based on the
current Kernel and with all the latest drivers on a regular basis (i.e.
once every 2 months or once every month)? i.e. /boot/linux, initrd and root
compiled and ready to use.

Current Linux Kernel is 2.6.18, ZEN7SP1 is 2.6.5, therefor all drivers are
outdated by at least 10 months now, new chipsets are unsupported, new SATA
controllers unsupported, loads of trouble over and over again.

This has been an issue since ZENworks 3.2 and is still unresolved.