I am interested in hearing what type of imaging performance others are
experiencing. I come from a university environment, and we have
reached a point in which our 'engineering centric' lab systems have a
significant file complement of around 6GB+ including the base image and
addons. We do have an automated process in place to reimage systems in
the middle of the morning.

As it stands now imaging a single system (6GB) takes around 30min,
increase that number to 5-10 and the time increases exponentially. I
have not fully investigated multicasting as our current network
infrastructure does not allow it. Would this "save time" if I were to
encourage change?

Are there any 'tweaks' on our Zenworks Server which could assist in
speeding up our imaging process? I vaguely remember hdparm parameter
settings may assist, anyone have some info on this?

Has anyone experienced performance issues related to firewall,
antivirus, switch/router settings, etc?

I appreciate everyones input.