Hello All

I am working on a Universal Build at the moment using a series of
add-on images through Novell ZenWorks.
I am 90% complete but for a curly problem.

I have the base image that will build on any machince regardless of
hardware. This is an image of a Sysprep'ed machine including scripts to
install drivers, network cards, Novell network client and ZenWorks

I use the cmdlines.txt and the runonce setting to perform the tasks I
need performed.

Novell ZenWorks provides us with the ability to automate our
application deployment to the desktop using policies. It is a wonderful

The Agent that is installed on the desktop to provide this
functionality is also responsible for registering the workstation into
E-Directory (no we dont use Active Directory as there is no need) by
creating an object of the workstation and it stores the information of
the workstation in a linux partition on the local hdd. this is known as
the Zen Information Safe Data (ZISD) store ; it is in fact the
workstations identity.

The ZISD enables us to, for instance if we were to rebuild the
workstation, recover the original NetBIOS name (and other things) so
the user is returned to the exact state prior to the rebuild. A number
of other things happen behind the scene, but for the purpose of this
post, that should do it.

Heres how it goes:

Base Image and Driver Download
1. The base scripted image is downloaded from a PXE server
2. The driver add-on images are also downloaded from the same PXE

The workstation reboots.

The Windows scripted install starts

Cmdline.txt starts
3. the workstation is names or its existing name is extracted from the
ZISD partition
4. the drivers are installed
5. the Novell Client is installed

The workstation automatically logs into windows

RunOnce is executed
6. The autologon command is executed
7. The ZisWin.exe is added to the workstation load
8. Next Runonce command added to registry
9. The Zen Agent is installed

The machine reboots

Windows loads
10.a. At this point the ZisWin.exe the imaging agent of Zenworks
searches for the linux partition. If it finds the linux partition, and
information, it refreshes the information (amongst other things). This
takes about 15 - 60 seconds.
10.b. If a ZISD partition is found the workstation is rebooted after
the refresh is performed otherwise it continues
11. The workstation automatically logs into E-Directory
12. The workstation is registered or re-registered depending on the
existence of the ZISD partition
13. The Novell client and agents are updated

The workstation is rebooted

The workstation automatically restarts and logs back into the network

14. Hotfixes are applied
15. The applications are automatically deployed to the workstation
16. Policies are applied
17. Registry entries reveresed for autologon

The workstation is rebooted

The workstation is ready to be delivered to the client.

So what is the problem?

Well. Steps 10.a. and 10.b. are the problem. Everythign else works
You see the step where the Imaging Agent (ZisWin.exe) looks for and
finds a linux partition with ZISD infromation needs to complete before
the autologon takes place. If the machine logs on before the refreshing
has finished it screws up the registration process and the applications
will not automatically deploy later on because the ZenWorks caches has
been screwed.

I cant think of a way to get the agent to perform its task and delay
the autologon process long enough that it either reboots at the
completion of the refresh and then autologs on, or it simply continues
on if no ZISD partition is found.

Maybe instead of loading the ZisWin.exe in the registry I could have it
called from a batch file along with a wait command. But this wont work
because the logon process will not wait for the job to finish.

I would be much appreciative if someone could help me out.