We have OES SP2 Netware running Zen 7 at our home office. We have NBO
at our remote offices patched up to sp5. I'm trying to get imaging
working at the remote offices so when they PXE boot, it checks the home
office zen server for work to do. Then, pulls all the images from the
local NBO server. I also want the ability to hold down CTRL-ALT at the
desktop and start imaging that way as well. Seems simple enough.

How I've been trying to get this to work is to modify the PDHCP.ini file
and the settings.txt file on the nbo servers. In the
sys:\system\PDHCP.ini file, I set the TRANSACTION_SERVER_IP= to our home
office zen server to check for work to do. Then, in the
sys:\tftp\boot\settings.txt, I set the PROXYADDR= to the local NBO
server so it pulls images from the local nbo server.

Doing this works for manual imaging, but fails for forced imaging. The
forced imaging goes into a continual imaging loop while never
downloading the actual image and therefore doesn't update the work to do
flag on the home office server.

If I remove the PROXYADDR= in the nbo settings.txt file, then the forced
imaging works, but the manual imaging fails with the following error.

/bin/prompt.s: line 11: /zimbin/zimrun.s: No such file or directory

My understanding of the settings in these two files allow me to break
the transactions from the rest of the work so my pxe can check with a
different server for work to do, but then download all the images from
the local server.

What am I missing so I can get both methods of imaging working (forced &

Thanks for any help,