zen 7 nw6.5

two identical machines. Both will manually eneter into pxe menu using
alt/ctrl. There workstation objects exist in same container and have the
same imaging and import policies. Both have the exact same hdd image. Both
have the exact same bios settings/versions.

When i set both to put image on next boot in console one only one of the
two will automaticly go into the pxe. the other sees the job but just
exists the pxe boot as if there is nothing for it. no errors. If I go into
pxe manually and "img auto" it picks up the job and starts. the problem
follows the computer not the switch port. The problem is repeated over a
fleet of 100 pcs (20% work 80% dont) so I dont think its hardware.
Broadcom NIC.

Tried deleteing and reimporting the workstation object but for the same
result. This worked using zen6.5. We are running inventory and DHCP from
the same server as the pxe stuff.

Am I missing something. Where could this setting be hiding?