My goal is to create an image that has no client, no zen agent...just the
XP SP2 os. I did that and when it boots up, I have sysprep AutoLogon set to
'yes'. Also, I have '[GuiRunOnce]' lines set to autoinstall the novell
client, zen agent, and set registry keys to autologin to netware at the
next reboot as a user that will install some apps using zen.

This works, except DLU doesn't work at this point. I got around that by
upping the AutoLogon one it logs in as admin. This allows the
process to continue and complete except for the final login. DLU still does
not work until I login manually once more and reboot again. Then DLU will
work. I'm curious to know if there is a better way. I'm not sure why DLU
doesn't work from the point right after the zen agent installs once and

Does that make sense?

Brett Molitor