Hi. Im trying to put an image on workstation. I boot to PXE and get the
PXE menu. When I start the Image download to the machine all goes well
until I get the messages "Workstation belonges to different NDS tree then
Image Server" and imaging stops. This is a new install of NW 6.5 ZwnWorks
7.0 both fully patched. I took an image of new workstation with Client
and Agent, all went well. I'm trying to put the image on a the 2nd
workstation. First workstation is "Imported" 2nd workstation is new so
it's not registered in Zen database.
I'm not able to put the image on any workstation, automaticly nor manual!
What could be wrong?

Please Reply.

Erlingur Hardarson
University of Akureyri