i recently ran into this problem and determined that the switch had to
be configured for "ip-forwarding". Our infrastructure Guru sited:
"Spanning Tree Fast start is more than likely not enabled for some
reason ". Once this was taken care of, it worked fine.

Also, we can not image if connected directly to the Gigabit port on
switch. (You shouldn't be using that port anyway.)

Hope this helps you.

Karen Ernst

support;2556091 Wrote:
> Hi,
> We are running a NetWare cluster, Sp1 - hotpatched to enable us to
> image our gx745s.
> We have a 100mb switch hanging off a gig switch. Imaging works
> perfectly from the 100mb switch, but when I go directly into the gig
> switch I get a DHCP error??
> Anyone know the reason why? I've looked at the other posts and can't
> see anything similar.
> Many Thanks