We have upgraded our ZEN servers (Netware 6.5 SP5) from ZfD 6 sp1 to ZfD

After upgrading, some of the imaging components are not working properly.
In ConsoleOne, (1.6.3e, ZEN 7.01 sanppins) when we flag a box to be
imaged, the workstation (HDD linux boot partition) checks in and says 'no
work to do'. Back in ConsoleOne, the checkbox is not cleared.

On the server, the SYS:\SYS\System\ZImglog.xml (image debugging log file)
<WS DN = "CN=IT440821 WIN2000
<ErrorMessage>Undefined error message</ErrorMessage>
<Timestamp>Thu Nov 9 08:07:57 2006</Timestamp>

Manual imaging operations work fine.