Have a test lab ZDM 7 SP1 server (Windows 2003) where the PXE boot server
works fine. Upgraded the production ZDM server (Windows 2003) from 6.5 to
7.0 SP1. Upgrade went OK.

Same PC used in the the test lab for the PXE boot won't work with the
production PXE boot server. However, booting the PC with the ZENworks 7
SP1 imaging CD works fine. Re-installed the PXE boot service on the
production server but it made no difference.

The PC PXE screen shows a connection to the correct PXE boot server, but
the tftp file transfer of the boot files fails. Compared the lab to the
production PXE server settings and they look identical except for different
IP addresses. Did a manual tftp transfer to the PC using a boot from the
ZENworks 7 SP1 imaging CD and it appears to work. Both the lab and
production servers are in the same subnet (no routers or VLANs or WANs)

At one point, in addition to the tftp failures on initrd, linux.1 and
linux.2, I also got this message..."Executing DNX: BOOT.DNX with parameter
BOOTZEN2.BIN (BOOT.DNX v1 Build 119) Can not download boot image.

I've seen this message in older forum posts but no one posted any
definitive answer to the problem.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Tim Wessels