Hi all,

on a laptop there is XP installed on a 60Gb disk. I reduced the free
space to 12Gb, so there is 48Gb free space for zenlinux.
I started with Zenboot 7.01a CD and on the menu install/upgrade zen
partition. Now linux will be installed.
here some questions:
- How to set the linux partiton big enough (>12Gb)(it has installed only
150Mb Partition...)
- How to create the Imagefile on this linux partition locally?
- I did not get a menu when I boot direct from the local disk ? With
CDboot I can decide what to do. Why is this not on Hdboot?
- Whitch steps to I have to do for a correct zenpartition install?
You see I am in a lot of trouble.... Can somebody give me a tip to see
little light?

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!