Im trying to make an image of an WinXP.

In Console One i check the box for "Take an image of this workstation
on next reboot"
Browsing to my Zen imageserver, type in the filepath:
/usr/novell/SYS/images/my_image.zmg and hit "ok"

To my surprice Console One changes the / to \, and the imageserver is
running on Linux, so when i do a networkboot ill get teh errormessage:
"Image file path is invalid: error 59"

A friend told me that the snapin for Console One could be the thing
that caused the change from / to \ but i did an update to the latest
snapin fr Zenworks Desktop Management.

Im out of clues...

Any suggestions would help. :)

Thanks /Jocke

Posted in wrong forum. Sorry.
Pls move this to ZENworks 7x Imaging on Linux