Hi there, I am trying to reimage the Gateway CX2724 Notebook/tablet, The
driver for the NIC is the Intel Pro 1000 PL, this driver us included on
the zenworks 7 imaging cd, and as well, I have manually added it to the
Zenworks 6.5 Imaging cd, I tried both of my Zenworks Imaging CD's.

With the Zenworks Imaging CD 6.5, I get the error - [cardmge 365], even
though I load the driver, and I cannot ping the imaging server (I have
added drivers to this cd before with no problems, and had success)

With the Zenworks 7 CD - It does not even load the drivers, and does not
see the Intel network card.

Has anyone had any success imaging these gateway Notebook tablets. Any
help would be MUCH appreciated.