So according to this:
"All Plug and Play devices (including those found by using the OEM
driver .inf files) are automatically installed during mini-setup on the
target computers. Note that you do not have to specify the -pnp
command-line switch unless there are earlier version (ISA) devices on
the target computers. If you use the -pnp command-line switch, a full
Plug and Play re-enumeration of all devices is performed. This adds 5
to 10 minutes to the Sysprep mini-setup process."

I'm setting up XP on a Dell GX620, naturally it doesnt detect the
chipset/video/audio/network card. I created an add-on image that has
all the drivers for the GX620, works great. However, the only way I
can get sysprep to install the drivers is if I choose the "Use
Mini-Setup" *and* "Detect NON-plug and play hardware" (equivalent to
-pnp switch). From what the microsoft document above is saying, I
shouldnt have to enable the -pnp option, right?

I've put the
OemPnPDriversPath=drivers\video;drivers\net;driver s\audio;drivers\chipse
t in my sysprep.inf file.

Again, it works if I use the detect non PNP hardware switch, but it
adds a lot of time to the sysprep process. Hoping to avoid that. Am I
doing something wrong or is that just the way it works? Maybe the
onboard stuff isnt considered PNP