I have an internal DHCP/DNS server which is working fine and
hands out the addresses to all the clients. DHCPSRVR is of course loaded. No
problems here. I have option 60 set to PXEClient.

Now I have added a Zenworks imaging on another server at
PDHCP is loaded on this server but I cannot seem to get the PXE boot clients
to respond. Do I also need to be running DHCPSRVR on this server as well? I
think not but don't know why the clients wont respond. I have tried adding
both servers in my Dell switch configuration as the DHCP Relay addresses.
(at least on the 6024 switch, the smaller 3348 switches don't seem to have
that option, only DHCP IP Interface, the settings of which don't make sense
to me so I have left that alone. Nonetheless even if the client is plugged
directly into the 6024 switch it still does not work)
Should I move my DHCP Server over to the other server also running PDHCP? I
could leave the DNS server alone since I understand there are some issues
running that on the same box. But I am kinda stumped here. Thanks for any