I've run into a quite new Fujitsu-machine, Esprimo P5915.
It contains a Broadcom BCM5755 nic, and it dont seem like Zen7sp1
supports it.
I've even tried with hotpatch 1a to Zen7sp1.

I'm not a Linux guy, so compiling a new drivers isn't my strongest
I've found what I think is the correct driver on broadcoms site,
There is a driver in .c -format. tg3?

As I understand it I need to have it in .ko to be able to put it
inside my INITRD.
But I'm not quite comfortable with Linux-Img source-code, and so on so
its quite a step for me to compile it myself.
To put it in INITRD is no problem I think, but complie the driver...

Anyone that has a compiled driver to this card, that can mail me one,
or give me a location where I can download it to work with Zen7sp1?
Or a ready INITRD.

I would be greatful for some help.